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"I think I have a drinking problem and I hate the pants I'm wearing!" [entries|friends|calendar]

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::. boo yankees ! .:: [12 Oct 2004|09:18pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well my fall break is now over :( and i have another cold ! awesome stuff... yea right... well ive been trying for the past few nights to upload the party pics but i havent been succesful... lol... that reminds me of a funny story... "yous" does anyway... well this one night at a game this guy was talking to me w/this southern accent and i asked him and his friends "where are yous from ?" and he was like "yous ?" and i just laughed and so did he... i was like "well i guess thats philly talk for ya !" he thought it was pretty funny and others things i was saying and i was like "dont u realize the things ur saying are funny to me ?" LOL !

i dont feel like going to classes tomorrow... oh well... mandie won the del-val championship for field hockey ! so we went out to dinner tonight to celebrate... hey does anyone watch american dreams ? besides fehrle's mom... lol... well if u dont kno about the show its set in philly in like the late 60's i think and on the show sun. nite the one chick roxanne was like "my mom wants to move to collingdale !" and i was like "what collingdale ? is she serious ?" i thought that was pretty crazy... yay the astros beat those damn braves ! ha ha ! in ur fucking face ugly ass braves ! lol... i dont think they should be allowed to win the east since they waste their opportunities every year ! asses... and that damn chop i mean come on think of something better would u ? sox came back but those damn yankees still won... schill basically sucked... hate the yankess but i like a rod... sorry ! ill try to get the pics up tomorrow... maybe... lol !

love y'all :-*

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::. FRIENDS ONLY ! .:: [07 Jun 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

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::. holy cow... lol .:: [24 May 2004|10:55pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

"holy cow that went foul ! mooooo ! LMAO !

man i havent updated in here in a looooong time ! i have been pretty damn busy w/my boys being home and all !

i worked 5 of the 6 home games and went to the other... man that was a great homestand and my baby chase played awesome ! yea i went to the game sat. nite and it was the best time ! so much fun... i love bp ! :D so many funny things go on... lol... j mike is the man and so hilarious... pat - "what i got dirt in my shoe !" lol ! flirting w/ ryan for a ball ! ;-) people trying to grab my sunglasses... the great catches... "hey thompson can i have the b all in your pants !" LMAO ! cheesesteaks ! the strikeout cheer ! embarassing chase ! our standing O's ! "hey binoculars girl whats the score ?" LOL ! "aidos !" "what's he in time out or something ?" me working the lot by myself when thome came out ! j roll was nice to mandie ! before and after were fun ! what a great night ! :D

the other games were equally awesome bcuz we won all of them... lol ! yea had fun... it was hot as hell sunday... aww man phanatic's birthday hilarious ! "1 - 2 - 3 SURPRISEEEEEE ! " LOL ! have i mentioned lately how much i love my job ! the "margaritaville" guys ! LMAO ! great concert... primeau 's goal was craziness down there !

well i love love my boysssss ! their awesome and hilarious and my new best friends ! :D

"tampa by 2 goals !" aww u bad boy i wont let ur name out !

love y'all :-*

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::. im going crazy .:: [17 May 2004|08:16pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

are the PHILLIES trying to make me insane ? lol ! i mean a 7-3 road trip is great but today's game... oh man... yea i dont think i should write about it but yea cormier wtf man ?

ok anyway... have i mentioned lately how freaking hilarious i think the PHILLIES are ?! if u have ever watched or been to a game w/me u kno that i pick everything apart and laugh at the dumbest things but my boys crack me up... did anyone else see the cones around ricky 's hat & glove ? LMAO ! too funny !

well were finally home tomorrow ! :D i hope the rain holds off !

love y'all :-*

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::. new york .:: [12 May 2004|05:44pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ok so who wants to go w/me to new york to see the PHILLIES vs. the mets ?

comment and lemme kno !

love y'all :-*

7 love P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. its hot outside .:: [12 May 2004|05:27pm]
[ mood | hot ]

can anyone tell me how to do a cut w/pictures that are saved on my computer ? thanks !

did anyone watch the F - R - I - E - N - D - S series finale ?! it was awesome !

yea i havent updated in awhile... nothing too exciting yet on my summer break ... yesterday was my daddy's bday... and the PHILLIES have won four straight... :D... and get this last nite we got 10 runs and wait um no homers ? yes thats right we played small ball and kicked bonds and giants ass !

love y'all :-*

P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. what would i do w/o my PHILLIES ? lol ! .:: [07 May 2004|02:26pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

ok this entry is prolly gonna be a long one so yea im warning yuh... lol !

remember when i was all hyping up the game i was going to w/my mom well it was def. awesome ! i kno what ur saying, "christie didnt u go to the game where they lost ?" well yes... but - it was so much fun and pat was def. safe... lol... ok well i went to the game w/my mom and we had seats in left-center yea they were hot seats... we went early to watch bp... what a fun time that was... we stood out in left where our seats were but in the first row and j mike was right there and i had the birthday poster for him and he kept looking at it... lol... and he was dancing ! its was so cute... i was like "mom look at j mike dancing to the music !" ... lol ! yea he's hot... and kev like broke my mom's fingers... lol... he threw the ball up and she like caught it w/2 fingers... ouch ! and tomas was making fun of him when he was catching balls and wolfie was like the only infielder... it was funny and balls were going out like crazy !

before the game started we wanted to get in line to get geno's bcuz i kno it takes forever... but it only took 20 minutes... lol... and it was so worth it... that was the best cheesesteak i had in awhile !

onto the game... ok so were playing the cardinals and yes i love scott rolen so i brought a sign for him and i cheered for him everytime he came up... i think me, my mom and this girl behind us were the only ones tho... lol... he played good... the whole game was good... and we had this guy in our section it was his 21st bday and he was so drunk and trying to get everyone in rally caps... lol... some guy got kicked out in the top of the 2nd... annoying kids in the middle of my row kept getting up... pat was right there... *sigh*... such a nice ass... lol... i took a bunch of pics of him... omg it was so friggin hilarious bcuz we were making a double switch and i saw pat go running towards the bullpen and i was like wtf ? and i stood up to see what he was doing and here he got a cup of water from someone in the bullpen and he was standing there drinking it... lmao... it was like "who does that ?" yea pat burrell does... lol... he cracks me up ! everyone kept cheering for the flyers updates during the game and then they showed jr 's winning goal on phanavision !

but the highlight of the night... well during the game... when my bobby , jim and pat hit back-to-back-to-back homers HELLS YES ! and pat 's was so friggin far !

ok so we lost but i think pat was safe at first at the end but its over what am i gonna do now ? nothing... lol... but yea we waited by the lot afterwards... met some weird chick... lmao... saw everybody... j mike saw my poster and he was all smiles and waved... what a sweetheart !


this is like a double entry... cuz i just wanna talk about the other two games of the series... wed. nite was fun cuz i worked w/mike and rusty and we won... david was on fire... lol... thurs. game was um yea crazy... ok i had to work by myself upstairs... it was chilly... the pizza i had was terrible... i was busy :o... the 21 scoreless inning streak by wolfie yea that was over in the first... sucked... but pat hit another homer ! and so did jim ! :D but we lost :( but i had fun after the game... i was hanging out by the lot and richie brought me in the lot to see the boys leave... :D... he is really cool... and so is freddie... it was funny richie was like "hey christie your boyfriend yelled at me this morning !" </b> and i was all like aww why and he was telling me someone was in his spot and he was mad... lol... and freddie was like "whose her boyfriend ?" and richie told him pat burrell and freddie was like "oh yea... he was mad and yelled at him !" </b> lol ! yea i cant wait for that one to come true... and im getting closer to it... :D... yea and i got to talk to mrs. perez and kim myers ... brett's mommy and the baby was there too... but ok i met kim once before and she was like rude and i saw her other times and she seemed bitchy and the other day nicole said she was bitchy to her when she worked w/her but yesterday she was really nice ... like all talkative and all and richie was like she's always a doll... so who knows w/her... lol ! but it was a good day !

love y'all :-*

3 love P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. i looooove disney .:: [03 May 2004|11:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Your Ideal Guy Is
Peter Pan

Who's Your Ideal Disney Guy?
brought to you by Quizilla

peter pan is cool i guess... lol !

You are Ariel.

XxWhat Disney Princess Character Are You?xX
brought to you by Quizilla

omg i friggin love ariel ! :D

love y'all :-*

P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. good weekend .:: [03 May 2004|01:58pm]
[ mood | bored ]

this was a good w/e... lol... and it didnt rain like they said it was gonna !

sat. nite i went and saw the musical... omg they were so awesome ! i was so proud of all of them... they did so good... and everyone kept telling me they were gonna suck... lol... it felt weird sitting in the audience and all watching... saw other alumni there... and we got to go on stage... that was cool... it sucks tho that joy is leaving... but GREAT JOB ON A GREAT SHOW GIRLS ! :D

sunday i worked at the game... man was that a fun day... lol... i worked w/allison at third base gate and yea we worked w/ jim thome 's wife, andrea... :D... she is sooooo nice and really pretty... virginia amaro was there too... she was also very nice... it was so cool cuz they were talking to us and all... and my baby - PAT "goldfish cracker king" BURRELL hit a pinch homer in the bottom of the 9th w/2 outs ! thats like something little boys dream of doing... lol... and he sent the game into extra innings... which was straight up craziness... but we won so it was all good !

yup i got down there around 10:45am and got home about 6:45pm... nice stuff... lol !

not working tomorrow cuz i have tickets ! :D rolen is in town and im sitting in left-center field and it's j mike's bday ! this game already rocks and it hasnt even begun yet... lol !

love y'all :-*

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::. its a nice day out .:: [01 May 2004|04:38pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

today is such a nice day... as it has been lately... which is awesome cuz im done school now ! :D ha ha ! it better be nice tomorrow cuz we have a game !

oh yea me , ali , swift eagle and the goldfish cracker king are an awesome foursome... lol... yea capital grille style... lol... and we will make stuffed shells ! LMAO ! we have such fun times... and when were w/them we can get served all the time... lol !

last nite was sooooo much fun at the game... we werent that busy but that was cool... they got all these tv's up there now but of course the one facing us didnt work... lol !

pat has to get his last wisdom tooth out mon. afternoon... my poor baby... but he will be ok... and his bat came back clean... ha ha... lol... but he was so dense about it cuz he didnt even realize they took it... lmao... aww hes so silly !

going to see all my people in the musical tonight ! their gonna rock ! :D

love y'all :-*

P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. PAT BURRELL .:: [30 Apr 2004|01:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

from erin :

All I wanna say is that PAT IS NOT A CHEATER!!!! Stupid St Louis whores need to back on off!!!! Grrr .... LoL

their just jealous of his hott ness ! and i mean come on who hotter than PAT BURRELL thats right nobody ! :D

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from erin :

<i> All I wanna say is that PAT IS NOT A CHEATER!!!! Stupid St Louis whores need to back on off!!!! Grrr .... LoL </i>

their just jealous of his <b> hott </b>ness ! and i mean come on who hotter than <b> PAT BURRELL </b> thats right nobody ! :D

<img src=then the http://www.patburrell.freeservers.com/retire2.htm>

and this is what <b> tony f*ing la russa </b> said about the incident… <i> "Somebody wants to pull some bullshit, you pull some bullshit right back." </i> << asshole !

love y'all :-*
P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. IM GONNA MISSSSS YOU GUYSSSSS ! .:: [30 Apr 2004|01:18pm]
[ mood | sad ]

today is my last day of classes ! :D and yes im excited but im gonna miss my friends here sooooo much !

I LOVE MY GIRLS ! (the tiny girl clique... lmao)

we made so many great memories this year and more will be to come ! you guys are awesome... i am so glad that i met such great people here !

now im about to cry so im gonna stop this entry ! *tear*

love y'all :-*

1 love P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. stolen from liz .:: [28 Apr 2004|01:51pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

post a memory that you have of me, it can be anything you want.

then post this on your journal and see what people remember about you!!

i dont kno who all reads this but if u do can u do this for me ? thanks ! :D

love y'all :-*

10 love P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. PAT IS THE MAN ! :D .:: [28 Apr 2004|01:33pm]
[ mood | happy ]

you can call him PAT THE BAT and last nite you could call him PAT THE GLOVE !

last nite pat had his best game of the year ! :D player of the game baby !

he had 2 doubles, 2 singles, a walk, 3 RBI's, one run scored and 2 awesome defensive plays ! he was flat out wonderful and looking so hot in the process ! ;)

"He was the player of the game tonight," said starting pitcher Eric Milton , the beneficiary of Burrell's play. "He made some great plays in left and came through with the bat. That's what it's about -- what a night."

"It's been a long time since I've gotten four hits in a game (July 2, 2000), and today I was able to get some big hits for us," Burrell said. "It goes back to the approach, trying to battle your (butt) off."

"He had a tough year last year," Rolen said of Burrell . "I know it bothered him more than anybody else. He's rebounded well so far. He's got a lot of natural ability at the plate, and he works as hard as anybody in the outfield. He was in a good position and made a good play tonight. He doesn't get a lot of credit for being a good outfielder, but he gets to a lot of balls."

yes i still like Rolen ... lol... he's a great player and that was nice what he said ! :D

"I don't know what the date is, but for me, I've never had a good start." Burrell said.

your having an awesome start baby ! :D

love y'all :-*

2 love P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. wolfie is the man .:: [25 Apr 2004|03:53pm]
[ mood | amused ]

yes randy wolf is the man ! he rocked yesterday hitting his first homerun of the season and pitching a complete game 4-hit shutout !

last nite i went out to putt-putt and denny's... it was so much fun ... i hadnt laughed so hard in so long... lol... my stomach was hurting i was laughing so much... lol !
highlights from the nite :
- nate climbing the poll w/the plastic bag parachute
- christa almost breaking the lights
- the kids who were playing w/the hose
- the boys talking about the PHILLIES they screwed
- patrick n fehrle playing hockey on a hole on their knees
- nate 's handstand/flip
- scott "masterbate is two words !"
so many other fun moments... def. a great nite ! :D

love y'all :-*

P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. f* the marlins and yay to tank ! .:: [23 Apr 2004|01:26pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

"Maybe that's the way he can try to beat us," McKeon said of the Phillies' right-hander. "Maybe he doesn't have stuff to beat us the old fashion way. He tried to intimidate us, but it didn't work. The guy didn't show me too much."

what an f*ing asshole ! thats y i seriously hate the marlins... they have to be all cocky and think their so great... their not they just pay off umps !

but this is funny ... 3 words - i love pratt !

"He underestimated me because I'm a big guy, but I can box," said Pratt . "As soon as he raised his hands, I raised my hands. You would have been proud of the footwork. I grew up in a rough neighborhood."

love y'all :-*

P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. man i hate the marlins .:: [22 Apr 2004|10:53pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

i had to work at the games on tues. and wed. nite ... and yea we lost ... i really dont wanna talk about them bcuz i mean i had alot of fun at both and we def. won wed. nite w/ polanco 's inside the park homerun aka the ground rule double bull shit ... yea and wagner blew a save ? wtf ! i dont kno why we cant beat them ! its pissing me off... i mean were playing good and scoring runs... and they are too... ugh... i went to the game thurs. afternoon w/colleen and casey... we went after r class and we got there in time... awesome brawl in the 2nd... lol... that was great... pratt is the man... bell got f*ed up... lol... and it was cool watching the bullpen pitchers run in cuz they were like racing each other... but the funniest part was after it was like all over and people were calming down kev comes running out the dugout w/his shirt ripped open... lmao... like he was in the bathroom or something... lol... well it was a great game and we lost again... got some nice redness but it will be tan by the morning... and im getting hooked up w/ Pat ... yea... well enough about that !

patrick's prom is tomorrow and my boys are away until next friday... :(... its gonna be weird not going down there... lol... cuz im there like all the time... not that im complaining... lol !

love y'all :-*

3 love P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. randomness quote .:: [21 Apr 2004|04:11pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

"we just gotta keep going out there everyday and busting our ass."
-- Pat Burrell

love y'all :-*

1 love P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. fun night even tho we lost .:: [21 Apr 2004|01:11pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

yea we lost last nite and to those damn marlins but it was a really fun game… lol… i worked ashburn w/allison and nicole… i got there kinda early and john didn’t have the stand open so i was watching james switch the lineup cards and he almost dropped j mike ’s… lol… that was funny… we weren’t that busy… as usual… but before the game even started i got hurt … lol… i took a chunk out of my thumb getting a box of media guides out… had to go to first aid … now ive been to every one… lol… not good… yea we played terrible defense but pat this awesome catch and throw out at home… yea they played this song like “oh you didn’t see me coming… you didn’t kno i saw u !” … lol… it was funny… there are speakers out there now so we can hear whose coming to bat and the music… we were dancing in out booth and fans were dancing w/us… this one guy was dancing for free beer … lol… we had fun… “every body in the club getting tipsy !” … lol… yea good theme music… lmao… lots of fun but we lost but we will be ok… :D !

afterwards was great … we waited by the parking lot and we met these 2 guys and they were talking to us about working there and there were these 2 little kids w/their mom… that was it… u could get almost anyone to sign… randy came out and he has his windows down and i was like “yo randy ! “ and he turned around and waved… we got waves and hey’s from… randy, kev, wagner, doug, tomas, harry, vuke, j roll, pat, j mike … i think that’s all… it was funny w/ tomas bcuz the guys we met were talking about how they wanted to throw shaving cream pies at his car… lol… and he had to stop and he was waving and the guys were imitating the pies in each others faces and he was laughing… lol… great stuff… and we clapped it up for doug … and the guys told j roll to learn to hit… lol… Allison told them j mike was her cousin… lol… pat gave the cup wave !

cant wait till tonight ! gonna be great… marlins are going down !

love y’all :- *

5 love P A T a n d J M I K E !

::. yea yea yea... yea... lol ! .:: [19 Apr 2004|11:13pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well i will update about my w/e later... but i wanted to say that the P H I L L I E S R O C K ! and PAT is going to be my new best friend ill tell ya ! lol !

here is something cool:

i was telling my mom about that i wanted to go to the game on my birthday and i wanted to sit behind PAT cuz i can get seats in the 2nd row cuz i want him to kno its my bday and my mom was like "you will be friends w/him by then !" ... lol !

i hope so !

love y'all :-*

5 love P A T a n d J M I K E !

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